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apparition, art object, article, artifact, autograph, brainstorm, bric-a-brac, bright idea, bright thought, brilliant idea, bubble, child, chimera, classic, coinage, composition, computer printout, concoction, contrivance, copy, creation, creature, crowning achievement, delirium, design, distillation, document, draft, edited version, effect, eidolon, end product, engrossment, essay, essence, extract, fair copy, fancy, fantasque, fantasy, fiction, figment, final draft, finished version, first draft, flimsy, fruit, good idea, grotesque, hallucination, handiwork, holograph, idle fancy, illusion, imagery, imagination, imagining, inspiration, insubstantial image, invention, issue, kitsch, letter, literae scriptae, literary artefact, literary production, literature, lucubration, maggot, make-believe, manufacture, manuscript, master, masterpiece, masterwork, matter, mintage, mobile, museum piece, myth, new mintage, nonfiction, nude, offspring, old master, opera, opus, opuscule, original, origination, outcome, outgrowth, paper, parchment, pasticcio, pastiche, penscript, phantasm, phantom, piece, piece of virtu, piece of writing, play, poem, printed matter, printout, product, production, reading matter, recension, result, romance, screed, scrip, script, scrive, scroll, second draft, sick fancy, stabile, statue, still life, study, the written word, thick-coming fancies, transcript, transcription, trip, typescript, vapor, version, virtu, vision, whim, whimsy, wildest dreams, work, work of art, writing

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • brainchild — brain‧child [ˈbreɪntʆaɪld] noun [singular] an idea, plan, organization etc that someone has thought of, without any help from anyone else: • The business was the brainchild of two college friends. * * * brainchild UK US /ˈbreɪntʃaɪld/ noun [S] ►… …   Financial and business terms

  • brainchild — rainchild n. a product of one s creative thinking and work; as, the project was the brainchild of the director. Syn: inspiration. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • brainchild — ► NOUN informal ▪ an idea or invention originated by a specified person …   English terms dictionary

  • brainchild — [brān′chīld΄] n. Informal an idea, plan, etc. regarded as produced by a person s own mental labor …   English World dictionary

  • Brainchild — One s brainchild is an idea or invention that one has thought up or created.As a title, Brainchild can refer to:* Brainchild , a children s quiz show on BBC television in the 1970s, presented by John Craven * Brainchild , a 1981 novel by Andrew… …   Wikipedia

  • brainchild — 1. n. someone’s good idea viewed as an offspring of the brain. □ Is this your brainchild? It won’t work. □ Listen to this. It’s my best brainchild. 2. n. a person who has good ideas. □ The boss’s new brainchild seems to have gone dry …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • brainchild — brain|child [ˈbreıntʃaıld] n [singular] an idea, plan, organization etc that someone has thought of without any help from anyone else brainchild of ▪ The festival was the brainchild of Reeves …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • brainchild — [[t]bre͟ɪntʃaɪld[/t]] also brain child N SING: with poss Someone s brainchild is an idea or invention that they have thought up or created. The record was the brainchild of rock star Bob Geldof …   English dictionary

  • brainchild — UK [ˈbreɪnˌtʃaɪld] / US noun [singular] a clever system, organization, or plan that someone thinks of and develops brainchild of: The plan is the brainchild of Divisional Officer Jim Smith …   English dictionary

  • Brainchild — Chartplatzierungen Erklärung der Daten Singles The Orange Theme UK: 43 – 2000 – 2 Wo. Superstring UK: 33 – 2001 – 3 Wo. Matthias Hoffmann ist ein Produzent im im Bereich Trance. Er ist auch unter den Pseudonymen A.C. Boutsen, Brainchild und Dee.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • brainchild — noun /ˈbɹeɪn.tʃaɪld/ A creation, original idea, or innovation, usually used to indicate the originators The entire project was the brainchild of a small group of visionaries …   Wiktionary

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